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Alchemy Golden Retrievers

Alchemy Golden Retrievers is a boutique Golden Retriever Kennel located just south of Portland, Oregon.  I breed registered AKC Golden Retrievers.  The Goldens all live in the house with us and are fully integrated as family members.  My breeding program focuses on health, longevity and temperament.  I am committed to the best breeding practices for our dogs.  Our girls and all stud dogs have passed the OFA (Orthopedic Foundations for Animals) recommended clearances including Hips, Elbows, Eyes, and Heart.  I follow the GRCA (Golden Retriever Club of America) Code of Ethics and breeding guidelines.  I am a member in good standing the GRCA and I am an officer for the local club - the PRGRCO (Pacific Rim Golden Retriever Club of Oregon).

The puppies are whelped and live in the center out our home while we have the privilege of caring for them before they move to their forever homes.  I diligently work to prepare the puppies for their forever homes.  I start potty training once the puppies are eating on their own.  My puppies are socialized with a variety of different people, including adults, teens, and toddlers.  I expose the puppies to many different types of sounds:  vacuum cleaners, other dogs barking, loud music, banging doors, hammering, etc.  The puppies will get a chance to walk on at least seven different surfaces in the first eight weeks.  My goal is to breed confident well socialized puppies that grow into a companion you can enjoy in any environment. 

A breeder of Golden Retrievers who loves her dogs

I love my dogs!

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